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Pumping Station Installations

We specialise in the EICA design, installation and commissioning of new build and refurbished pumping stations. Often working at operational sites where continuous service is a requirement, our engineers are highly skilled in end-of-asset-life refurbishments and over-pumping techniques that ensure the highest possible SHE (safety, health and environment) standards, whilst maintaining any client discharge and pass forward consents.

Our approach to pumping station projects comes from the recognition that every station is different, not only in physical parameters but also in its operating requirements for flows, storage, type of medium and its position within a network. Using this as a starting point we are able to design, install and commission electrical and ICA works that optimise energy and, in many cases, resolve historical problems.

Pumping Station Capabilities

Our capabilities include Waste Water Pumping Stations, Water Booster Stations, Service Reservoirs, Interstage Pumping Stations, Sludge Pumping Stations, RAS/SAS Pumping stations, Privately Owned Pumping Stations:

  • Wet and dry well installation of pumps, VSDs, pump rigs, injector stations, booster sets
  • Design and installation of pump control systems, level sensors, flow meters, pressure sensors, switches, stand-by generators, incinerators
  • Design and installation of MCC, PLC, SCADA, telemetry and software systems

Water Industry Capabilities

Our water industry specific EICA capabilities encompass:

  • Assets: Pumping stations, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, biomass plants, incinerators.
  • Electrical: Motors, pumps, actuators, cable management systems, pump control systems.
  • Instrumentation: level sensors, flow meters, pressure sensors, switches.
  • Control Systems: MCC, PLC, SCADA, Telemetry and software systems, variable speed drives (VSDs).

Why Water Industry Clients Choose Retroflo Electrical Services

Based in the North East of England, we are a friendly and customer-focused company with expertise in the systems and processes of many of the UK’s water utility companies. We undertake water and wastewater electrical engineering projects throughout the UK.

The Retroflo approach combines extensive water industry experience with technical innovation and exemplary safety standards to deliver electrical services of the highest quality. Our case studies demonstrate our success in delivering large-scale electrical engineering projects.

Water + Wastewater Pumping Station Installations for the UK Water Industry