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Pump Control Systems

Retroflo’s award-winning pump systems represent a breakthrough in wastewater pumping station management. Developed from the real experience of an engineering contractor with a 40 year track-record in the water sector our fixed and variable speed systems address the industry-wide need to overcome common operational problems such as high energy costs and frequent blockages

Our systems uniquely monitor motor power, current, torque and speed, together with wet well level and volumetric flow, and continuously compares this real-time data with up to 10,000 pre-determined reference points per pump to identify and correct operational and efficiency issues.

Retroflo Pump Control Systems

  • Retroflo’s revolutionary pump control system is the world’s first to offer pre-blockage detection, consent security, intelligent flushing cycles, periodic efficiency testing and asset data storage, within a single off-the-shelf system.
  • Our pump control systems have been proven to deliver a significant reduction in energy consumption and Energy Performance Indicators (EPI), along with the elimination of progressive blockages and the need for unscheduled maintenance.
  • Retroflo pump control systems in operation in the UK are delivering a vast reduction in blockages while registering a minimum 12 per cent reduction in energy consumption costs. This combined with almost no reactive maintenance call-outs, means that utility companies can expect a return on CAPEX within 12 months.

Water Industry Capabilities

Our water industry specific EICA capabilities encompass:

  • Assets: Pumping stations, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, biomass plants, incinerators.
  • Electrical: Motors, pumps, actuators, cable management systems, pump control systems.
  • Instrumentation: level sensors, flow meters, pressure sensors, switches.
  • Control Systems: MCC, PLC, SCADA, Telemetry and software systems, variable speed drives (VSDs).

Why Water Industry Clients Choose Retroflo Electrical Services

Based in the North East of England, we are a friendly and customer-focused company with expertise in the systems and processes of many of the UK’s water utility companies. We undertake water and wastewater electrical engineering projects throughout the UK.

The Retroflo approach combines extensive water industry experience with technical innovation and exemplary safety standards to deliver electrical services of the highest quality. Our case studies demonstrate our success in delivering large-scale electrical engineering projects.

Pump Control Systems and solutions for the UK Water and Wastewater Industry