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Pump Control Case Studies

Retroflo Pump Control Systems have been winning plaudits across the UK water industry by resolving the traditional blockage problems and the resultant energy efficiency issues that plague wastewater pumping stations.

The system has been successfully put into operation at pumping stations operated by Northumbrian Water, Scottish Water, United Utilities and South West Water and has lived up to its billing by delivering a vast reduction in blockages while guaranteeing a minimum 12 percent reduction in energy consumption costs. This combined with almost no reactive maintenance call-outs, means that utility companies can expect a return on CAPEX within 12 months of installing the system.

  • Charlotte Street Sewage Pumping Station +

    Charlotte Street Sewage Pumping Station in Kirkcaldy was a problem site causing reputational issues for Scottish water. Continual pump blockages, flooding of local businesses, pollution of the seafront and odours led to complaints from business owners, residents and MSPs. Since the installation of Retroflo’s RPC_2000 Pump Control System in June 2009 the problem of blockages, flooding and odours has been resolved without need for a single reactive maintenance call-out. The station is also on target to achieve an annual OPEX saving of £30,000, equating to a CAPEX payback inside the first year.

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  • Skinningrove Transfer Pumping Station +

    Since implementing the Retroflo system in Skinningrove Transfer Pumping Station no operator / maintenance intervention has been required to remove blockages from the pumps. By initiating pump reversal cycles on detection of partial blockages and returning the pump to optimum operating conditions, this equates to a 12% decrease in power during normal operation. A vast improvement in the condition of the Wet Well is observed due to success of the Flushing Cycle. The Flushing Cycle serves to cleanse the Wet Well which reduces the threat of blockages to the pumps and reduces the need for routine cleansing.

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  • Ilsham Valley Pumping Station +

    As an example of efficiency improvements, the recent installation of the RPC_2000 at South West Water’s Ilsham Valley Pumping Station has recorded a substantial reduction in absorbed power through reduced blockages, cleaner wells and the optimization of pump performance. In terms of labour costs alone the station saved £20k on the 2008 expenditure for reactive maintenance call-outs to unblock pumps.

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  • Sandhills Foul Water Pumping Station +

    Retroflo’s experienced engineering team were employed to carry out the detailed M&E and civil design of the foul pumping station required at the new development in Ingleby Barwick. The pumping station is designed to serve approximately 138 houses. Retroflo also carried out the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the station and liaised with NWG regarding the adoption of the asset.

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  • Saltburn Bathing Waters +

    Works consisted of replacing the existing Motor Control Center (MCC), which was beyond its asset date and non-compliant, with a new, fully compliant MCC. Works also included installation of new actuated penstocks and new instrumentation to control the flow from a new 6000m³ storage tank at Guisborough work.

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