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Fixed and Variable Speed Pump Control Systems

Designed using the established principles of sewage pumping, Retroflo Fixed and Variable Speed Pump Control Systems uniquely provide system-wide monitoring and control rather than the more common component-based approach.

Whilst control of the pump is central, the system monitors station conditions from inlet to discharge point and in operation can impact on the entire network, even extending to the treatment works process. With the twin objectives of station reliability and improved efficiencies, our fixed and variable speed pump control systems can be installed regardless of pump size or flow rate.

Retroflo Pump Control Key Features

  • Pre–Blockage Detection: Any solid build-up on the pump impeller is immediately detected and a Self-Cleansing sequence is initiated. This ensures that the impeller remains debris free, hence maintaining optimum performance.
  • Pump Self-Analysis: Pump operating data is automatically stored for benchmark purposes. The real time operating data is then constantly compared to the benchmark data for implementing remedial action.
  • Intelligent Flushing Cycle: Prior to a selected time the system allows the wet well to fill to a pre-set level. When initiated, the well is emptied rapidly using the maximum number of available pumps.
  • Periodic Pump Efficiency Testing: Pump efficiency test data is compared against benchmark pump data and in the event of any deterioration to pump performance an alarm is generated.
  • Inbuilt Diagnostic Tools: The system’s on-board trends facility constantly monitors and plots real-time data, such as level and flow and pump particular operating data such as speed, current, power and torque.

Retroflo Pump Control Key Benefits

  • Ease of Implementation and Use: The system’s ease of implementation and use is a key benefit to pumping station operators. The system gathers pumping data which can then be accessed using a touch-screen interface.
  • Operator Selected Batch Pumping or Constant Pumping: The system enables the operator to simply select or change the pumping system between Batch or Constant Level.
  • Consent Maintained/Security of Consent: Dependent on the specific requirements of a station, the system allows a selection to be made for either controlling level or flow rate, ensuring the consent security of stations.
  • Energy and Operational Savings: Retroflo systems in operation have a proven track-record of delivering a minimum of 12 percent reduction in power consumption, vastly reduced maintenance interventions, and cleaner wells that enhance the asset life of pumps.
  • Retro-fit flexibility: Retroflo’s approach offers a control system that is applicable to a wide range of manufacturers’ equipment (pumps and drives) and may be installed in new control panels, or integrated into existing systems.

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