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Electric Vehicle Chargers: Home Installations

Why not take advantage of the grants available for electrical vehicle owners and leasers. The new OLEV Electric Vehicle (EV) Homecharge Scheme takes effect for all installations undertaken from the 1st March 2016. Customers who are the registered keeper, lessee or have primary use of an eligible electric vehicle may recieve up to 75% (Capped at £500, inc VAT) off the total captial costs of the chargepoint and associated installation costs. Retroflo are one of a small number of Government certified suppliers and installers able to manage the complete grant application process for our customers, ensuring the highest standard of home EV charger installation.

Register your interest today and a Retroflo Engineer will be in touch to go through the application process, conduct a pre-installation check and arrange an installation date.

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Download the OLEV Guidance Notes for Householders.


Domestic EV Charge Models

  • PodPoint 16A 3.6kw Base Model

    The 16A / 3.6Kw model is the most economical charging station on the market. This Mode 3 unit is wall-mounted and includes a tethered gun, holster and status LED.

    COST: 75% Grant Available

  • PodPoint 16A 7kw Base Model

    This 7kw model includes all the features of the 3.6kw Base unit and offers improved speed of charging. 7kw units charge Electric Vehicles at approximately double the speed of the 3.6kw unit.

    COST: 75% Grant Available + £90 upgrade

  • Other PodPoint Models

    A range of options are available to enhance your Solo charger. These include a 32A version, a universal unit, built-in meter and charge scheduling, and GPRS communication capabilities.

    COST: Call 0191 5269830

  • WallPod 16A 3.6kw Base Model

    WallPod EV HomeCharge is a mode 3 16amp J1772 (type 1) tethered lead style EV charging station designed specifically for charging electric vehicles at home.

    COST: 75% Grant Available

  • WallPod 32A 7kw Base Model

    For a small charge, applicants can upgrade to the more powerful 7kw model, which includes all the features of the 3.6kw Base unit and approximately doubles the speed of charging.

    COST: 75% Grant Available + £90 upgrade

  • Other WallPod Models

    Wallpods are available with a range of enhanced features, such as GRPS and OCPP communication compliance, built in metering, time clocks and security key switch control.

    COST: Call 0191 5269830

EV PodPoint Solo and Rolec WallPod Features

PodPoint and RolecWe supply and install two makes of OLEV accredited charging stations, the POD Point Solo and the Rolec EV WallPod. Both units offer comparable features, many of which are listed below, and we specify both units to meet a high demand for grant-funded EV charge points. For full product specifications view the product datasheets below.

  • Connector Gun: Compatible with most EVs, such as Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Toyota Prius, Citroen C-Zero.
  • Gun holster: A gun holster can be mounted independently from the unit, giving the option to store the gun in the most convenient place – which may be some distance from the charge point (PodPoint Solo only)
  • Tethered cable: Users don’t need to supply their own cable – simply drive up and plug in. A generous 5m cable means the charge socket can be reached on all types of car
  • Status LEDs: The unit displays different coloured light in the illumination zone to indicate Standby, Charging, Charge schedule set, or fault detected
  • Energy metering: Energy meter located under door
  • Cable tidy: The 5m cable neatly wraps around the unit
  • Communications: A GPRS module allows communication with a Management System. Usage data can be viewed online, and commands and settings can be sent to the unit remotely