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Electric Vehicle Charge Points: Commercial Installations

Commercial and public electric vehicle charging points are on the increase throughout the UK. Our commercial EV charging solutions help companies provide a fully managed charging service for employees and visitors. With the ability to track and report energy usage by person or charge point, commercial organisations can take control of their network, whether providing charge points for staff, or enabling charging for the public.

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WallPOD EV: Commercial Charge

EV Solo Charger
WallPod EV: Commercial Charge is a simple, low-cost mode 3 fast-charge EV charging station offering either 16amp or 32amp (type 2) IEC62196 sockets, designed specifically for charging electric vehicles in commercial locations.

WallPod EV Features

  • WallPod EV Commercial Charge is compatible with a wide range of current electric vehicles.
  • Available in both 16amp (3.6kW) or 32amp (7.2kW) sockets.
  • Mode 3 IEC61851-1 compliant communication protocol.
  • Flame retardant to UL94 Flame rating at V2 for 1.5 and 3.0mm.
  • Optional hatch lock facility for locking charging lead into socket.
  • Optional GPRS communication facility.
  • Optional LED charging status indicator.
  • Optional security key switch control.
  • Optional corporate branding.
  • OCPP communication protocol compliant.
  • Back office management facility.

POD Point Twin

EV Solo Charger
The POD Point Twin charger has two sockets, allowing two cars to be charged simultaneously. The charger also offers increased security for public sites with a durable steel and aluminium body, anti-graffiti paintwork and optional swipe card access.

EV Twin Charge Point Features

  • Screen + buttons: Allows charge scheduling to be set on the unit. Charging can be set to overnight when energy is cheaper
  • Swipe Card Reader: In order to gain access to the charge point, users must swipe a valid RFID card. This is useful for access control and for tracking energy use by user
  • Safety + Security There are multiple safety cut-outs, including a remotely resettable RCD, overcurrent sensing and protection. The POS Point Twin is robust, built from a durable steel and aluminium body, with anti-graffiti paintwork
  • Screen: The posts are very intuitive to use, but additional instructions are given on the screen. Also displayed is information about energy use and time charging, and if any maximum time limits have been exceeded
  • Energy metering: All Twin charge units have energy metering for each charge socket
  • Communications: Posts are fitted with a GPRS module which allows communication with the POD Point Management System. This allows the live status of a charge point to be displayed on the online Live Availability map, for usage data to be automatically uploaded, and for commands and settings to be sent remotely to posts

Commercial charge point projects are designed and priced based on individual business requirements. To request a competitive quote please call us on 0191 5269830 or email info@retroflo.com.

Plugged In Places

As a charge point owner you have the opportunity to connect your charge points to the UK’s open recharging national network, enabling you to generate income from your charge points. The Plugged in Places Programme is a nationally funded Government initiative led by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) that seeks to create a connected network of infrastructure enabling everyday use of EVs.

Charge your Car

Charge your Car is the North East’s Plugged in Places project funded by One North East, OLEV, public and private partners. The network currently includes approximately 1,500 charge points with twelve Local Authorities, regional academia, transport providers and a range of private businesses all signed up.

Charge Your Car promote charge points nationally and collect revenues for charge point owners. Usage and revenues can monitored via a website and enrolling on the scheme is a straightforward process.

For more information visit: chargeyourcar.org.uk