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  • Electrical Consultancy Services

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Plant Optimisation Surveys

Rising energy costs and the increased need for carbon reduction has placed the impetus on companies to their review carbon management operations. Plant optimisation surveys provide the opportunity to review contributing factors such as plant performance, efficiency, asset life, sustainability and environmental impact.

Our plant performance reviews help determine where improvements can be made to reduce operational costs, improve the asset life of equipment and maximise the processing output and efficiency.

Plant Optimisation Survey Services

Our plant optimisation surveys include:

  • Plant performance reviews
  • Plant efficiency analysis
  • Safety and sustainability audits
  • Operational control audits
  • Quality monitoring
  • Safety audits
  • Risk analysis and compliance

Bid Management Consultancy

We provide the following bid management services:

  • Review and advice on Pre-Qualification documents for contractor and clients
  • Interview and presentation preparation and advice
  • Overall Bid team management
  • Quality submissions review and critique
  • Bid co-ordination and formatting
  • Review of unsuccessful tenders and performance improvement advice

Why Clients Choose Retroflo Electrical Consultancy Services

Based in the North East of England our Electrical Consultancy Services have proven beneficial to clients throughout the UK looking to improve their electrical project management processes, win new business and realise energy, asset and plant efficiencies.

The Retroflo approach combines extensive industry experience with technical innovation and exemplary safety standards to deliver electrical services of the highest quality. Our case studies demonstrate our success in delivering large-scale electrical engineering projects.